AFRIRAMPO from Japan, live! / Desde Japón, Afrirampo en vivo!

Afrirampo present their first livestream for overseas fans With special guest Makoto Kawabata The music created by these three will entice you into a cosmic psychedelic world without end The stage set for this special performance has been created by artist Yoshihito Mizuuchi and is guaranteed to create a delightfully chaotic reaction!!! The stream will be archived and viewable for two weeks
October 7th, 13:00 – 14:30 (JST), streaming live from Fandango in Sakai.

15:00 ~(AEST)
06:00 ~ (CEST)
05:00 ~ (BMT)
00:00 ~ (EDT)
23:00 (6th) ~ (CDT)
22:00 (6th) ~ (MDT)
21:00 (6th) ~ (PDT)

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Promotion video :

Afrirampo Formed in Osaka in 2002. Guitar rock duo consisting of Oni (vo, g) and Pika (vo, dr). The primitive musicality of their sound and their astounding live shows quickly brought them national and international notoriety. Released their debut album “A” in 2003. In 2004 they went to live and record with a Baka pygmy community deep in the forests of Cameroon, with a CD of these recordings being released in 2006 as “Baka ga kita!!” In 2005 they released “Urusa in Japan” on the Japanese major label, Ki/oon Records, and “Koregamayakuda”, their first overseas release on Tzadik. Toured the US, and Europe with Sonic Youth. Released a collaborative album with Acid Mothers Temple called “We’re Acid Mothers Afrirampo!” and played shows together. Played at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, where they performed together with Yoko Ono. Released “Suuto Breakor” in 2007 and “We are Uchu no Ko” in 2010. In 2010 they announced that they were breaking up and in 2001 they released a CD and DVD called “Never Ending Afrirampo” (Ki/oon Records) of their farewell show. Six years later, in 2016, they reformed. Released “Afriverse” in 2018.
Both members are now mothers in their private lives, but they continue to perform at a more relaxed mommy’s pace. afrirampo.net
Kawabata Makoto

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Leader of the psychedelic rock band Acid Mothers Temple.
While he’s best known for his earsplitting, speed guru guitar heroics with AMT, he’s also the founder of his own school of ecstatic guitar drone using bowing and glissando techniques. Kawabata first started releasing works for electronics and homemade instruments in 1978. Since then his activities have been almost too wideranging to grasp: he has formed multiple units, released a plenitude of albums on labels all over the world, toured extensively in Europe, the US and Asia. His collaborations truly span multiple genres. He has played with psychedelic originators like Gong, Guru Guru, Silver Apples, Nik Turner, Damo Suzuki, Träd Gräs och Stenar, and Geoff Leigh; with avant-garde giants including Keiji Haino, Tatsuya Yoshida, Charles Hayward, Jean-François Pauvros, Richard Youngs and Tatsuya Nakatani; and with Occitan trad musicians including Rosina de Peira, Marc Perrone, Andre Minvielle, and Beatritz. In 2019 he began to perform and create new works for modular synthesizers, a return to the electronic music that was the origin point of his musical career. He has also worked as a producer and mixing engineer for many bands and musicians, including Fursaxa, maquiladora, Hibushibire, and squimaoto. Kawabata has always supervised the artwork for our album releases and designed our T-shirts, etc. In 2020, Kawabata has returned to painting (an activity I am dubbing “GAGYO”) and he has finally started creating mature artworks.