Of avantgarde. Otono originally emerged as a space dedicated to different musical depths in a public space. As some of the darkest dystopian fictions grew, paradigms, technology and the collective imaginary of mankind have proved to have a great challange in order to properly explore its own psychoacoustic evolution.

The search for balance in expressions in the post media spectre remains, but with change as the only constant, also with a solid narrative that always stays true to its original ideology: the aim of turning angst into beauty and generating new experiences. The format evolved into a transmedia production house, booking/curation agency and music label, now with a complementary live online platform and a company focused on music sync as well as content consultancy.

Experimental and pop streams weave and intertwine through new worlds, processes and results. Like a sunset in a great place that went through sorrow, Otono transmutes into a new range of possibilities precisely like the development of music itself: of sound in its most embryonic state, which seeks for the right place for its emancipation, for its flowering and climax. This search gives rise to a new seed and a new culmination.

This is how Otono once again hacks itself: presented along a new online live channel that sums to the collaborative platform and goes hand in hand with sync and content consultancy, growing the original concept as the outlet for those wonderful sounds to transcend.

The rituals of listening to an album or enjoying a concert, and the desire to engage in new sound experiences, all unite in the creation of an ecosystem that works in a healthy and inclusive way: one that allows to see forward even in complex times and create new stories. We once again venture into the experience of music, with an understanding of the quantum leaps that these microscopic moments of sound can evolve into. For living, listening and doing something ineffable: music and sound as the primary elements of our evolution.