Otono & Coaxial Presents: Dialogues between Colombia & Mexico through sound art & experimental music

Friday, July 23rd, 2021
8pm Los Angeles / 10pm CDMX & Colombia
Streaming live over:
twitch.tv/coaxialarts & otono.live

RSVP at: https://withfriends.co/event/12058267/otono_and_coaxial_presents_dialogues_between_colombia_and_mexico_through_sound_art_and_experimental_music

Coaxial is helping bring awareness to ongoing issues currently impacting Colombia and Mexico. To help support artists in these regions we are live streaming performances from local Colombian artists followed by a roundtable discussion.

Diana Medina Prieto
Colectiva Amazonas

Moderated & Curated by:
Alejandro Bernal (Otono / La Pascasia) @alejandrns @lapascasia
Ana María Romano G. (Plataforma Feminista En Tiempo Real)
Luis Clériga (Otono) @otonospace

Presented by Otono (MX) in collaboration with Coaxial Arts. Supporting Colombian and Latinamerican organized causes. All donations made to @f.s.u._ and Coaxial will be donated to the cause.

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Rosana Uribe Rodríguez
Ross is a multimedia artist dedicated to the intersection and exploration of light, sound and multiple languages born from this encounter. Her work elaborates on the questioning of ecological and poetic aspects, through immersive practices of contemplative listening. She is the director and curator of ÉTER Lab, the Ediciones Label and also the listening platform, Auditum.

José Santamaría
With a career spanning over 20 years and 30 published albums, José Santamaría has developed work that unites music, digital art and free culture. He currently is part of the Danta project, as well as two solo endeavours: Dijon Triathlon and \\[neuma\\].

José is an enthusiast of free distribution, and as of 2003 he co-created the SERIES Media netlabel (2003-2014) with over 30 albums open for free download. He also worked in the creation and consolidation of Discos Nutabe (2015-2017), a label that seeks to promote physical formats and vinyl.

His recent work on processing sound recordings of rivers, has been the key source of many of his latter compositions. With that research, he got the meritorious thesis on a Masters degree for Digital Arts from ITM (Medellín, Colombia) and it was also the origin of the work, “Bardo”, presented in Museo de Arte de Medellin in 2020.

He has presented in Festival Zeppelin (Barcelona, 2003), SXSW (Austin, 2012-2013), the 2nd Encounter of Electronic and Industrial Sounds in Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán (Bogotá, 2003); Patagónica (Coyhaique, 2004); Audio-Art Festival (Krakow, 2015); Festival LeRock – (Santiago, 2019), Medelink 2006; Festival de Artes Digitales Espectro, (2006-2007); Festival Altavoz (2010, 2012, 2013 and 2019); Festival de la Imagen (2011); Día del robot (2001, 2004).

José Santamaría was also the co-producer of the SERIES Sinfónico project in 2014, and did music and sound design work for the contemporary dance piece “El silencio de la Mariposa”, (2009), as well as short films “La hora de los venados” (2015) and “Cárcel” (2017).

Diana Medina Prieto
Diana Medina Prieto is a musician, sound and multimedia artist from Bogotá, Colombia. She graduated in Music specialized in Lyrical Singing from Universidad de los Andes, where she obtained a degree in Electronic Media and Timely Arts. She also got music production and digital media studies in Dubspot (NY/USA) and a Master in Sound Art by the University of Barcelona.

Her research centres in the intersection of senses, representation and recreation of synesthetic states. Her sound practice develops in the study of voice and vocal experimentation, electronic music production, experimental music and sound art, focused on improvisation, composition, noise, digital media and real time music, electronic arts and sound installations.

Diana has participated in several collective exhibition such as Hangar, Arts Santa Mónica, the Modern Art Museums of Pereira and Bogotá, and festivals like BCN Impro Fest (2017, 2021), Festival L’estrany, Festival Zeppelin, Hack and Art Day #7 and #8, Festival Yavería and Festival en Tiempo Real. She has also been invited to art fairs like ARTBO2018 and ARTLIMA 2019 (Colección Arte al Límite). She is a member of OFFAL (http://offal.github.io).

Colectiva Amazonas (Patricia Bernal + Samanta García)
This female collective emerges with the purpose of generating visibilization, celebrating and highlighting the role of women in the electronic arts scene, interested in the construction, appropriation of devices, gear and patches that re-evaluate, reverse and hack the dominant aesthetics that usually don’t represent them.

The union of Colectiva Amazonas is a way of self care, creation and learning to use technology. They started working in 2020 with the Pytonisa project, winning the Data & Genre Hackathon, to speak of the difficulties of access to public education that colombian women face. They have participated in gigs, panels, conferences and spaces dedicated to discuss themes like technofeminism, dissidence and other problems in art, science and technology.

Patricia Bernal
Sound explorer, creator and teacher of electronic arts. Patricia works with oscillators, synthesizers, samplers and amplifiers built by herself, which are used to develop brutal soundscapes in the experimental and noise realms coming through the intervention of objects and obsolete devices. She is now studying a Masters’ degree in Technology & Aesthetics from Tres de Febrero University and has a solo project named Elektroperra, as well as Colectiva Amazonas.

Samanta García
Samanta is a colombian graphic artist, performer and teacher, Master in Artistic Studies by the Distrital College FJDC. Her work proposes ties between sound and image from electronic media, frequently evocating noise, melancholy, transhumanist and futurist soundscapes. She also seeks to activate narratives surrounding cyberfeminism and free culture, emphasizing technologic appropriation by women and non binary talent. She is currently a member of the colombian metal band, High Rate Extinction and Colectiva Amazonas.